Celtic Punk Tuesday

•March 17, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Seeing today’s date and surrounding event, have set the stream to broadcast exclusively Celtic oriented music. I’ll be heading out, but the music will be playing all night.


If you missed Sunday’s related topical show about the Green and the Black … that should be available in the chatroom for a while.

A Mathematic Antithesis of His Story

•January 18, 2015 • 3 Comments

Having spent the last four weeks talking about “real” history and avoiding crazy conspiratorial slants, tonight I’ll flip the counter-weights over to the other side.

Anatoly Fomenko

Before there was a “la-la girl,” another Crazy Ivan would occasionally be interjected into this show. His name is Anatoly Fomenko, and he has some crazy theories about our past.

Of Siege and Warfare…

•December 28, 2014 • 3 Comments

Happy Holy Days to All/Some. The Show goes on, live, still near every week, and still available in the chatroom the day following the show.

Medieval Warfare

Was hoping to get a clean copy of the most recent show (about the history of warfare and siege tactics through the ages) out in “clean” form as a Christmas present, but a lot of time-demanding events arose. For those who haven’t heard it yet, there is a copy out there courtesy of one notorious bootlegger.

Medieval Sieges

This week, and probably for a few to come I will be focusing on our history, as I believe it helps us get a better perspective our present. Tune in tonight.

Of Evolution and Revolution…

•October 16, 2014 • 7 Comments

Evolution. When did a lizard dream that one day he might sprout wings and soar the skies, or was such a dream even dared, or even conceived? Much of what we know about evolution, like much else, is of theorems, lies, conjecture, and a smattering of truths, all compounded by years of diversion and dilution via an endless child-like game of telephone, where the participants are too “smart” to realize they are playing.

the lizard who dares

Life evolves. Systems evolve. Cells evolve. People [can] evolve. The entire universe, from the lowest microcosm, to the largest and most unfathomable marcocosm, are constantly shifting, shaping, devolving and yes, even evolving … all towards destinations unknown and unimaginable (to us lizards).

To speak of our destination, not only reeks arrogance, but spells more our ignorance. For we, mankind, have but a feeble grasp of understanding our own origins, and an even feebler hold of comprehension of this snapshot in time we call “the now.”

When systems are driven by common purpose, be that purpose something as benign as embetterment, evolution becomes possible. However, there is one caveat to such taking place, and that is the drive must tempered in recognition of the absolute and nonnegotiable constraints of universal law.

Kid, stay and snip your cord off, talk and let your mind loose
Can’t all think like Chekov but you’ll be okay

Kid, swallow but believe us, you won’t die of boredom
Should you have to leave us, it’ll be alright

Welcome to the garden of earthly delights
This is your life and you do what you want to do,
just don’t hurt nobody ‘less of course they ask you

–Andy Partridge

If there is a “war” to ponder, it is the ongoing struggle betwixt those who wish to evolve, versus those who strive to maintain the status quo. Those who ponder the stars and see opportunity, versus those who see an unknown blackness ready to swallow them whole (death). Those who see a journey for which all preparation is moot, versus those who see alien overlords and intergalactic conspiracies. Put into simpler terms, the latter are those who fear change.

A revolution is the completion of a cycle, where you end up right back where you started, ergo “the status quo.” A shuffling of cells, or units, or persons, may have taken place, yet evolution has been thwarted.

The conspiracy movement is aimed at those who fear. It is aimed at the child inside us who wants to stay a child forever. We want to keep playing. We want to face imaginary monsters. We will do whatever it takes, because we “know” (i.e., we “fear”) that when we grow up, the fun stops. Better to battle monsters we can imagine, than turn and face the unimaginable. So, we will continue playing our games, oblivious to the universe, and the laws of nature shouting: “It’s time to let go and grow.”

captain hook nose

We will surround ourselves with other of like mind, others who fear and together we will huddle, reinforcing the righteousness of our paranoia, seeking enemies in the now, those who would keep us down .. so that we can revolt against them. We will imagine ourselves wizards and warriors, roll our dice and slip further into  a universe filled with peril and danger, one where all powerful imaginary illuminist organizations seek to wipe us out, one where jews hide under every cushion (right next to the loose change, of course), and snarks and grumpkins undermine our every move.

Trapped in a world where the speed of technological distraction has made real life seem wan in comparison, it is psychologically easier to believe in an illusionary world where what we hear and read encapsulates our mind and overrides the slow paced mundane world of real life we might otherwise be forced to endure and more importantly, observe. Fictional holocausts and imaginary genocides of unseen scales are easier to swallow (believe) than our own ominous shadow, screaming for our attention. He wants us to grow, therefore we must ignore him.

The Conspindustry [©CR] is a cancer, one which seeks to divide cells against one another, to war, to incite, to enflame, to revolt, to recycle, to stagnate … and stagnation, ultimately, is death. As I began this new direction, I announced to those wondering where I was going, that I was giving you a gift, and that gift was “life.”

At the time, I considered it a word-ploy, a clever way to introduce a new direction along with a song of similar sentiment. Now, from an evolutionary system perspective, the direction the show has taken as of late, I see the literal interpretation. This is life. This is the unknown. This the future.

symbolic mysteries unencoded

Honestly, back then I thought I’d have surely have walked away from all of this by now … though, as I look forward into the hazy unknown, I see a reason, I see a purpose … and thus, the show will continue every Sunday night on the stream. Until I find the time to come up with a system for making the archives available, you’ll have to continue finding them in the chat room (courtesy of Don the Bootlegger).

Those who’ve grown weary of being reptiles are welcome to join us.

Surreal Cereal Killers [Tonight]

•August 31, 2014 • 2 Comments

I’m finally going to do that show on serial killers and instead of going out, I will be doing it tonight.

Tune in live tonight at same time as usual [11:00 PM Easter or So]. You may also an archive of the show linked in the chat room the following day.

Dawn Rise Battle [Repeat]

•August 3, 2014 • 2 Comments

Is it that time again? Maybe…

Guest MC Tonight [Dallas Goldbug]

•July 13, 2014 • 3 Comments

I won’t be doing a live show tonight, as I have something to do. However, rather than play a rebroadcast, the notorious Ed Chiarini (aka Dallas Goldbug) has volunteered.

Ed will be doing his own show, on whatever the hell he wants to talk about. Show will be at same time, on same stream, using the same chat room. Tune in if ya want.

The Agony of The Feet [Grimace]

•June 29, 2014 • 2 Comments

Oh what to talk about tonight?

greeks lose

Current events, how’s that?

netherlands dive

But we can’t let events beyond our control a/e-fect us.

greek girls

Maybe I’ll talk about perspective…


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