Snowpiercer [Spoilers a' Comin]

•March 28, 2014 • 8 Comments

Recently saw this movie, and as the week’s been progressing, can’t help but think about how it relates to precisely what I’ve been speaking of lately. So, here’s last week’s end of trilogy (Don’s Link) for those who haven’t gotten it from chat yet.

So, will be talking about it this Sunday night, and won’t be able to do so without spoiling (yes, a rare exception), some rather well-thought out surprises from the director (kudos to, btw). So, I know it’s short notice, but watch this if you can prior to show (I’m sure copies can be found out there). :wink:

Part III a Comin’ (This Sunday)

•March 22, 2014 • 1 Comment

Part III a Comin’ (The below image has nothing to do with the new promotion for the Lost DVD Collection Box Set, but is an apt statement for the mass of humanity (aka “us”) who think we might have a actual clue as to what anything “outside” of ourselves truly is, much less where the hell we are.

Since it is Part III, felt that those who’ve missed any of the other parts may want to give the prior parts a listen:

The above links are provided courtesy of Don the Bootlegger, be sure to thank him.

The above is one of but many topics the series has broached. Most of us who “think” we can contemplate the question, aren’t even capable of thinking outside of an artificially constructed programming language.

Focus within, for all else is folly…

I’m Still Around

•February 9, 2014 • 7 Comments

Yes, I’m still doing shows (near weekly). Last week being the recent exception. As some point, I will be making all the archives available, but for now, the best place to get them is in the chat room the day after the show (be sure to thank Don for doing so). Also, of late, I’ve gotten into the habit of replaying the show on the stream at least a couple times (in between music), sometime after it ends.

Hopefully, most of you have gotten back to life and have moved past a lot of the conspiranonsense. Those of you who haven’t, you may wanna make an effort.

Happy New Year [Show Tonight]

•January 5, 2014 • 6 Comments

Hello all. Hope the New Year finds you well and warm. There will be a full show tonight.

Yes, I know I have not posted any of the last several shows yet. But, do check the chat room on the day after the show. Someone has been kind enough to post them until I get a new solution worked out…

Homework Assignment

•December 13, 2013 • 6 Comments

Long overdue, the sage Eugene is coming back on this Sunday, and we will very likely be talking about the below film, Copperhead (2013), which deals with, god forbid, personal responsibility, and the unavoidable truth: “what you do unto your neighbor, you [ultimately] do to yourself.”

If, for some reason (such as real life), we are unable to do said show this Sunday evening, the next topic (thus, homework assignment) is the long-promised RE-view of Nine Miles Down (2009): a film dealing with Lucifer, the choice of living within the moment and, god forbid, personal responsibility. :wink:


Regardless of what film is covered next, watching either of these films (and comprehending the subtext), should enrich you, and thus, your life. Be sure to check out the improved Music Stream, now featuring a [┬┐virtual?] dance-floor.

Where the Hell Has the Rebel Been?

•December 8, 2013 • 1 Comment

Busy. Dealing with “stuff.” Taking as many moments as possible to enjoy the fruits of this Earth, after neglecting them for far too long. Hopefully, many of you have made or are making the transition from “bitching” to “living” also.


I have been doing shows just about every week, but I just haven’t been posting them. For those unaware, someone has been kind enough to post the shows in the rebel path chatroom lately (usually the day after the show). I’ll figure out a way to make all the shows available, just not feeling a great sense of urgency.


Until then, apparently you can use a player like VLC to capture the entire show while you’re sleeping. I’ll likely do a show tonight, and if I had to guess it will be more along the philosophy of life, responsibility and enjoying the fruits of this garden.

Why the above song? Cause it’s bloody good …. there is not a hidden “reason” behind everything … hm, maybe I’ll talk about that :-) Oh yeah, and unless you’re afraid of clicking on a vagina, be sure to vote for the stream!!!!

Where’s the Rebel Been?

•November 3, 2013 • 8 Comments

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post a show. There have been shows nearly every Sunday, but a lot has been going on. I could explain, but the below captures the essence.

There will be a live shot tonight, Sunday November 3rd @ approximately 11:00 PM (remember we just rolled back the clocks here this weekend)….

Will to Power: Dysfunction (Part 2)

•October 6, 2013 • 10 Comments

What you see and what you hear, both happen to be sensory inputs which are easily controlled. What you “feel” is another matter entirely. But, unfortunately for many of us, you have to regain your humanity before you can begin to trust that sense.

aleister crowley: the most evil man that ever livedhelena blavatsky: satanic new world order architectrudolf steiner: nazi united nations schemer

Continued from the previous week/show, expanded more on the mystery of the circle, and focused on very real, practical and personal magik that we are capable of. The show, as usual is playable below [downloadble too]:

Again perspective, as I’ve been expanding on throughout the year, is truly a matter of how much control we have of our mind, and hence, our world. I’m sure, the below image may look foreign, yet eerily familiar to many. On the other hand, perhaps the colloquialism about how all the lunatics are locked outside the asylum may, as far as victims of “the truth” are concerned, be somewhat accurate.

the asylum of truth

The SAD TRUTH is that most who’ve been exposed to “the truth” have been conned into identifying those around them as Zombies, while doing stuggling to avoid confronting the reailty of the below “dream home” they long since realized.

choose death: the coffin box home

Sorry for the delay, have been quite busy. Should body be able and spirit be willing, Part III of the series should air tonight (Sunday, October 6th).


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